Krakow is not only a place with many monuments and tourist attractions. It’s also place where for sure you will never get bored. Not only can you go to many festivals, events and concerts you can also visit many interesting pubs or clubs. Krakow is famous for its high density of bars. We decided to prepare a short guide about the most interesting places to visit.

The first destination is Kazimierz. This part of Krakow is the old Jewish district and it has a very unique feeling about it, you can visit museums and old synagogues and also find plenty of popular bars and cafeterias. Alchemia, Stara Zajezdnia and Singer are all must-see places. Alchemia is a special place with a specific climate. It’s a very popular place and it is true that it is difficult to find a table there but it’s definitely worth trying.  They organise many interesting cultural events (theater, concerts). Another place worth visiting is Singer. It’s an exceptional place with an old design. Tables are made from old sewing machine which create an incredible atmosphere. Everything has its own unique charm. Stara Zajezdnia is a place where you can taste special, domestic beer in old tram depot. This place has a very orginal design and delicious beer.



Also on the main market we can find some cafeteries that are  worth visiting. A very popular place  is Nowa Prowincja located on Bracka 3-5 street. Among its visitors are “ordinary” citizens as well as more famous individuals, for instance people known in the literary circles. Interestingly enough, no one really gets excited about it – it’s really a place where everyone can feel casual.


While walking through Planty you should stop by the unusual cafeteria called Bunkier Sztuki. Attached to Kraków’s best contemporary art gallery, this enclosed terrace bar/cafe on the Planty resembles a spacious greenhouse. Bunkier Sztuki is a gallery worth visiting if you want to see the latest exhibition and taste something delicious.

For fans of more unusual places we can also recommend Forum Spaces located in the old Hotel Forum reception hall. Forum Spaces is known for its unconventional style, where during the warm weather you can relax on sun loungers on the Vistula River or  watch a movie in the open air and in winter you can even go ice skating on a specially prepared rink. They often organize concerts, art exhibitions and fashion events


These places are just a few of the worth visiting. In Krakow everyone can find their favorite place, regardless of style or interest in the object, after all, it is a very unique city!