Every tourist who has ever visited Krakow certainly heard thesound ringing across the Main Square.It is played every hour on hour, four times in succession in each of the four cardinal directions from the tower of St. Mary’s Church.This is one of the most widely recognized melodies in Poland called “hejnał” (ang. St. Mary’s Trumpet Call). But many tourists wonder what are the origins of the tradition of playing a melody on the trumpet.215080 As it turns out, it goes back to a legend taking place during a Mongol invasion of Poland. In the 13th century, the practice was to warn city residents about upcoming dangers in a characteristic way – with trumpet. As the legend states – in the year 1241, a watchful city guard noticed the vast enemy army approaching, and managed to warn the people, but was subsequently hit with a lucky Tatar arrow – never able to finish his call.To commemorate the event every day melody’s brave guard is played and just as centuries ago breaks off at the same time. To commemorate this event and brave city guard, the melody ends abruptly on every play out to this day.

23578526The oldest reference  about bugler and a melody upon the opening and closing of the city’s gates is in a 1392 but for today is still an important symbol of Krakow.