Easter  is a festive Christian in Poland that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also a national public holiday..

Easter is the most important holiday in Poland. And Krakow’s Easter celebrations are some of Poland’s best known. This happens for several reasons. The first, in the days leading up to Holy Week, Cracow’s Main Market Square pullulates with dozens of stalls selling curious-looking totems. Especially atmposphere and many festive decorations, colours, and at no point in the year is this more apparent than at Easter. You can feel special spring climate and prepare to the Easter.


The second one is traditional blessing of  baskets of victuals on the main square. Faithful to meet before St. Mary’s Church to blessing baskets with tradtional easter food. A typical, traditional basket includes eggs, salt, cake, sausage and bread, but there will also be painted eggs  named ‘pisanki’ and always a small model of a lamb. Eggs can be traditionally decorated, colored or polished.This is several Polish Easter traditions that visitors to Krakow should be aware of.

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Cracow itself will be rather sleepy, and as with Sunday, there will be little open in the way of shops or museums. However, in recent times, restaurants and cafes have started to creep open, so travellers won’t be entirely left in the lurch. This is a time of happiness and family.It is time to spend with loved ones at the table with the traditional Easter breakfast.

Surprising for tourists may be the second day of Christmas – Easter Monday. In Poland, this day is called Smigus Dyngus.  Easter Monday, is a special day in the tradition of Easter. From time immemorial young and old that day is surrounded with water. Although this practice has a long history, over the years, it’s still attractive. It should be aware that this day will be wet for sign of happiness. You shuold remember about it!

The third and the most important  reason it is unique atmosphere and character which one you can experience being in Krakow during the Easter.

Definitely everyone should feel it!