Krakow is a city of uniqueness which you can find out here at every step. This place is charming, streets where history every day meets with modernity and an atmosphere full of  positive energy and kindness. But it’s also something more than you can imagine. Krakow is a place which can surprise you even when you’re here not for the first time.


On the Main Square are located many of attractions. Here we can eat something delicious and walk for hours but this is where theycan find something interesting for youngest.

ciuciu (1)

On the Grodzka street is located probably the smallest candy factory in the world. In this place you can see produce colorfull candies by hand on the basis of the technology taken from small manufactures of the 17th and 18th century. All sweets are produced in 100% manually without enhancers, using only natural dyes and that’s all on the 50 square meter. And all of them looks absolutelly delicious.


,  because so called the factory, invite Children and Adults to the Land of Sweets. You can watch from the very beginning till the very end how to create candies and lollipops. During the production process you will have the opportunity to feel the airborne aroma of caramel. At the end of the show you will try still warm sweets. When the “show” is over You can buy some sweets as a eatable souvenir and make this great experience last longer some way.  It’s perfect idea for afternoon with children.

Very sweet and lovely place. It’s worth to taste in Krakow!