Krakow is full of art. With every step we take we can feel it and see it. In many of Krakow’s museums we meet with different kinds of art. But sometimes art may surprise us. Especially when you meet her in the least expected moment.

Kraków is filled with bigger and smaller works of art, left by artist right in front of your eyes. Street art is specific kind of art.  Requiring  for artist and customers.


Walking through the streets of Krakow we may encounter large works of art that may surprise more than once. Historical figures, funny pictures, abstraction, nature – it’s just some of the themes of street art. However regardless of the topic these images can surprise, delight and sometimes even scare. One thing is certain – evoke a lot of emotion and you can not go past them indifferently.
In fact, the emergence of street art as a growing and legitimised artistic discipline has created an interesting dichotomy in Kraków’s urban landscape between both sanctioned and unsanctioned works of ‘graffiti art’.pil_peled-_yehuda_2