Krakow is a city of culture, art and science. Just in this city you can experience unforgettable events and feel exceptional athmosphere. This summer in Krakow held two important cultural events which you can’t miss.  It is festival EtnoKrakow and Festival of Polish Music.

The EtnoKraków Festival is an unprecedented combination of two international events dedicated to ethnic music. Festival during from 5 to 11 of July. EtnoKrakow is a huge event where you can see more than 200 musicians representing countries from four continents perform at close to 50 concerts and dance nights in exceptional festival locations. At the festival, we can see the stars  of ethnic music from Europe, South America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, as well as dancing, workshops and instrument fairs.

8089665_orig On stage there will be also Polish folk music artists like a Warsaw Village Band in a transcontinental fusion with Mercedes Peón (Spain), pianist Piotr „Pianohooligan” Orzechowski with the concert “15 Studies for the Oberek”, Kwadrofonik and Adam Strug and Kapela Maliszów.

(1)The festival is held in Krakow’s Kazimierz old but fans of world music, who come to Krakow from all over the world, will attend concerts in, among others, Stara Zajezdnia (the Old Depot) and the St. Catherine Church, but also in the modern interior of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre and Krakow museums: Museum of Municipal Engineering, Galicia Jewish Museum and the The Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum.

Another festival worth a look is Festival of Polish Music.

The es­sen­ce of the fe­sti­val is not on­ly to pre­sent works by Po­lish com­po­sers, writ­ten from the Mid­dle Ages to the pre­sent day, but al­so to con­trast them with the world’s mu­sic and di­splay them in va­rio­us con­te­xts. The organizers aim to mobilize creating art of composing by launching and promoting the work of contemporary music. Festival start at 8 of July and will last until 18 of July. In this time on stage, we will be able to see artists such as pia­ni­sts Ivo Po­go­re­lich and Ni­co­lai Kho­zy­ainov, worl­d-fa­mo­us vio­li­nist Ni­gel Ken­ne­dy, as well as the Aca­de­my of St.-Mar­ti­n-i­n-the­-Fields, the Lon­don Sin­fo­niet­ta, Elż­bie­ta Choj­nac­ka, Aki­ko Su­wa­nai, Piers La­ne, Pe­ter Ja­blon­ski, Jo­na­than Plow­ri­ght, Gri­go­ri Zhy­slin and ma­ny others. Festival is a real treat for music lovers and defienetly worth to experience this festival.

crbg_fmp plakat_pogladowka1Festival EtnoKrakow and Festival of Polish Music tourists are a unique opportunity to stay with Polish culture and get to know it from a completely different side. These festivals will delight music fans, but also will be taken in memory.

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