Krakow has many of museums but one of them is worth special attention. It’ s Polish Aviation Museum. Located on Al. Jana Pawłą II 39 (Czyżyny), on one of the oldest military airfields in Europe. The exhibition is not prepared exclusively for the lovers of aircrafts. Here everyone can learn something interesting about aviation and explore it’s secrets.  Museum holds a premier collection of aircraft, artefacts and exhibits related not only to Polish, but world aviation history and heritage.

muzeum_lotnictwa_polskiego_01muzeum-lotnictwa01The original exhibits is in the airfield’s numerous hangars and out-buildings still remain stuffed with old photographs, engines, uniforms and plenty more airplanes, helicopters and gliders, while the yards surrounding them are literally littered Russian-built fighter jets from the days of the Warsaw Pact. But Museum have also modern side. For children and not only created new exhibition building bursting with hi-tech goodies, a cinema, an interactive space for children, library, museum shop and extensive collection of historic aircraft.

Ruge-Architekten-Muzeum-Lotnictwa-w-Krakowiez12514244Q,Muzeum-Lotnictwa-Polskiego-w-KrakowieEvery year the museum held a Picnic Airport, where you can see the latest technology air and admire the soaring tricks. Picnic enjoys a considerable audience interest in the object and the same pilots who are willing to come to Krakow to show their skills.

5pl_002Museum collection of aircrafts is really big. We see, among other: AERO Ae-145, AERO L-60 Brigadyr, Albatros B.II, Albatros C.1, Albatros H.1, Antonov An-26, Avia B.33, Aviatik C.III, Bucker Bu 131 B Jungmann, Cessna A-37B Dragonfly, Cuckoo (a private construction), Curtiss Hawk II, Dassault Mirage 5 BA and De Havilland Tiger Moth .2_23838982

A regular ticket costs 14 zloties (PLN) and reduced rate is seven zloties. On Tuesdays there is free admission to permanent exhibitions.

The Krakow Museum of Aviation stays closed on Mondays and it may also be closed for some major holidays, notably Christmas, New Year, and Easter. Otherwise it’s open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

This is a special place that allows you to discover the history of aviation and spend time in a unique way. It’s definitely must to see in Krakow!