Krakow is full of attractions especially on the Main Square, but a walk is enough to see something else. In the market we can see a lot of street artists who are more or less interesting. Cracow is a form of street artists known to all of his creations.


Very popular are street musicians who daily collect a lot of the audience. On the main square you can listen to classical music and more modern music like reegae, hip-hop or rock. I’m sure everyone who pass by the main square, stop for a moment and admire this exceptional art. It’s look like a street theatre!


But musicians are not the only attraction on the market. Interesting forms of street life are the mimes and actors who discover on a daily basis their roles and white ladies, knights, dragons, ghosts, and jugglers.



Kids love the characters, wich for a long time does not moves, but also great interest excite hussars or princess. These miemes brings a lot to the atmosphere that prevails in the Krakow market. Always fun, interesting and certainly … surprisingly.


Anyway, you have to check it out yourself!