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  • Lady with an Ermine finally returns to Cracow!

    She’ll be home soon! After long European tournee, Lady with an Ermine will be back in Krakow in February. However, to say her hello we will need to wait until May, because the portrait first few weeks will pass the test, then will wait for the end of the renovation of a new exposure.

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  • Polska? Tak!!

    What’s special about Poland? Discover what Val Kilmer, Natalie Portman, Russell Crowe and many more world celebrities think about Poland and why they love so much our country!

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  • Polish food?! Only Babcia Malina cuisine!

    It’s obvious, that when you’re visiting another country you want to not only sightseeing, but also ‘taste’ the culture! Best polish taste you will find in restaurant called Babcia Malina (en. Granny Raspberry), just in the city center, near Main Square market. What it offers you? Huge portions, 2 localizations, nice process, best polish taste. What are you looking for? […]

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  • Once again about the stars, this real one

    As Coldplay sings: Look at the stars, look how they shine for you! If you want to check, how they shine, you should definitely visit astronomical observatory of Jagiellonian University. Few words about history: as whole University was founded in 1364, observatory is youngest, because it’s from 1792 and it’s situated in Fort Skała (en. Fort Rock), about 10 km […]

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  • Mocak – Museum of contemporary art Krakow

    Modern art is very popular today. There’s a lot of galleries in Poland, even in Krakow exhibiting this part of art-world. But there’s only one Museum, just opened in Krakow! First exhibition was opened by oour President Bronislaw Komorowski on 20th of May. Mocak is really close to Schindler’s Factory, on Lipowa Street number 4. Whole building  was projected by […]

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